Townsend Artisan Guild

"The Voice of Art on the quiet side of the Smokies"

Sculpture, Clay

Donna Beshore


“I absolutely love creating something specifically for someone based on their interests.  My joy comes from their surprise at the finished product!  I am blessed with family and friends who encourage me as I continue learning and creating with clay.”

Evelyn Bryant


“I never start a sculpture thinking, “What do I want this piece to say?”.  The work comes from within, from what I have read or heard, from feelings evoked, and then put into form.  In the end, I see what the clay has said.”

Emily Burgess

Em.Burge Pottery


“From growing up in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, nature has always been a large influence in my work.  I love to use bright colors-many that are seen in spring and summer.”


Annamaria Gundlach



“Clay is a formless mass of mud that offers a challenge to the artist who must be the architect, chemist, and conjurer.  Each of my sculptures has its own voice with begins to speak during the creative process."


Bill Shinn

Shinn Custom Carving


"The exit from two-dimensional “flatwork” into the world of “3-D” is an adventure of communicating depth in the round. The artist can discover new possibilities in offering shape and balance to the real touch of texture in creating form."


Carol Troyer


“Inspired by nature and animals, especially cats, my pottery is my canvas and medium for creating.  I am passionate about my pieces and strive to make each piece special.”

Sharon Webb

Webb Wildlife


“My ultimate achievement is creating a believable, anatomically accurate wildlife figure that conveys the emotion of the moment. Three dimensional sculptures blend my own inspiration with the realistic standards that I set for myself.”

Fiber Arts

Deborah Adams

Fiber Art Design


“My inspiration comes from the many color changes of the Smoky Mountains and the bounty of wildflowers. Hearing the water rush over the rocks in the Little River gives me a sense of peace and restfulness as does gazing at the blue haze over the Smokies’ mountain ridges.”

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Kathryn Barrow

The Peaceful Petal


"I create fine lace accessories, uniquely crafted in natural fibers and inspired by the intricacies of wildflowers. From lace shawls in silks or cottons for a cool summer evening to warm wools for the snowy days, each piece is an individual design.”

Patty Benton



“Weaving appeals to that part of me that loves structure, a puzzle to solve, and the freedom to design. The process of sorting colorful, tangled threads to warp a loom and then weaving reminds me of life's messes that can produce something beautiful. As an ardent recycler, I use discarded fabric to turn trash into treasures.” 

Kathy Dittmaier



“My love of fabric has brought me full circle from garment construction to fiber art quilting.

  Who knew making clothing could turn out to be so much fun.” 

Melanie Eichholz



“Whether needle felting or wet felting, I feel like I am painting with a technicolor palette of cotton candy. Felting brings a fascinating, tactile joy in working with a range of materials, textures and colors which opens unlimited possibilities to excite my creative flow.”



Lynn Hash

Fiber Arts Creations


“I enjoy visioning an image and then starting with the raw fibers to develop the colors, texture, and style to represent my vision. I learn from every piece that I complete and continue developing unique and more intriguing representations of the world around us.”

Victoria Law


“Something created from found items in nature is a joy to create and a pleasure to see.  I choose to live life as art.”

Bridget Matlock


“I find great joy in every aspect of the creative process.  Through my medium of fiber and various processes, I create one of a kind pieces. I am constantly inspired by observing the colors and texture in nature and have been called the ‘queen of what if’ from time to time.  My brain is always full of incubating ideas and inspiration.”

Steve Prentice


 “I enjoy both the creative side of fiber arts, in particular taking the raw material and transforming through multiple stages to a finished product, and the technical side by understanding the tools of the trade and the structure of yarn and cloth”.

Vicky Walker

VictoriasLace, Etc…


"I seek to clothe women in grace and beauty through elegant crocheted lace wardrobe enhancements in luxurious fibers. Informed by history. Transformed for today."




Glass, Jewelry

Sissy Caldwell


"I enjoy learning new techniques that allow me to meet the challenge of fashioning countless designs inspired by living amidst the beauty of East Tennessee.  My signature off-loom bead weaving incorporates precious metal clay, glass, natural items, enameling, and other techniques into one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the beauty of God’s abundant love."

Claudia Erwin


“I am interested in creating jewelry that explores the juxtaposition of hard metals with soft beadwork to produce unusual combinations. The exploration of my own creativity is ongoing and constant."

Becky Goodman

Cabin Treasures


“I strive to create glass art that becomes a part of one's daily surroundings and enhances lives visually while being unique and emotionally connected to the individual.  Glass is a perfect medium and can be designed to meet an infinite variety of tastes, budgets and surroundings."



Ingrid Jackoway


"I am entranced by color and light, so Glass Art is a perfect medium for me. I use a lot of unique hand-made glass in my work, selecting the color and pattern that best captures my subject matter."

Mixed Media

Yvonne Desiart

Desiart Creations

"I live in Townsend and find our beautiful landscape the perfect setting to refocus and energize a weary soul. Every creation of mine, be it a drawing, painting, hand painted ornament, my artwork is thoughtfully designed and devoted to."


Mark Shedden



"My goal is to preserve the 13th century history and the natural beauty of horns by scraping, polishing, and forming them into useful daily items."

Painting / Graphic Art

Lois Alexander

Alexander Graphics


“Art has truly been a lifelong passion for me and I continue to explore the serious and the whimsical through painting, pen and ink, and pastels.”

Debbie Allen


“As a child, I always had a passion for art. I enjoy painting natural beauty and mountains in bold and vibrant colors”

Debbie Alley, LLC.



"I experiment and embrace creatively to push the boundaries with design. I specialize in fine art images made from plant material eco-printed onto silk and other fabric materials. My goals are to create a magical combination of science, nature and artistic expression."

  Arline Boyce



  “In gratitude and joy.... I Paint therefore I Am!”


Karen Bracket



“Art is a natural magnet. If my work can draw a viewer into a moment of beauty and pleasure, then I have met my goal of offering a moment of joy and gratitude."


Melanie Eichholz


Flower Tribe Creations @ Facebook

"An Artist’s Quest for Hope… Creating art is a journey of the Spirit and the destination is unknown. Inspiration is found everywhere.  In a phrase, a flower, a still moment in time or the single heartbeat of hope."

Ken Kant


“My joy in painting comes from putting colors and shapes together in a way that pleases the eye.”

Susan McCollum


Painting is an intuitive process for me that is intertwined with walking and exploring. I am inspired by the mystery and complexity of the natural world and rely on it as a source, investigating and exploring forms and patterns as well as the effects of time, water and wind upon these forms. While exploring, I take snapshots and make sketches and when a theme begins to emerge, I develop it into a series of several paintings by playing with line, shape and color. Art has provided me with endless delights and challenges, stimulating my imagination and deepening my appreciation of life and the world. I try to express that delight and appreciation in my art.

MJ Montgomery


“As a naturalist and outdoor person, my work reflects my love of the Smokies and the flora and fauna of our world.”

Lyda Plemons


"The joy of creating art cannot be fully expressed but with each painting, I wish to convey my inner        feelings. From a water drop, to a striking red rose, to a warm evening sunset, I challenge myself to        convey what I feel for others to enjoy.”


Mary Proffitt


"I love color; the color of art, the color of cooking, the color of nature and the every changing color of Tennessee seasons. Using my God given talent of creativity is what makes me happy and Alcohol Ink is a medium that is exciting, different, unpredictable and colorful.”


Betty Polk

BP International Marketing


“I work with high technology by “day”, and find art in wood carving, painting and photography to round out my life and provide enjoyment and relaxation.”

Yichen Reneau


“Art is my view of the world that I want to share with people.”



Bill Shinn

Shinn Custom Carving


"Basic drawing skills are essential for visual expression. The incorporation of texture and contrast are elements that invite the viewer to journey through the depths of a composition.  The printmaker is limited only by his imagination. The joy in creating an artistic expression through the etched plate is satisfied by the unlimited available possibilities. The printmaker has to be not only a draftsman but a chemist, engineer, and, in some cases, a machinist."


Suzanna Terrill


“After a successful bout with breast cancer, I joined a friend on the back of a Harley and went West. The trip was hot, dusty and challenging. When I realized I was riding on the Trail of Tears, I felt the soul of each Native American who had walked that trail. My inner voice told me to paint those struggles: a story of perseverance no matter where the trail might lead. So I have begun… "

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Jeanie VanWinkle


“Art is for me an interpretation of the natural and man-made world around us. The challenge is to express this array of visual images in a way unique and personal."

Sharon Webb

Webb Wildlife


"As a child I dreamed of becoming an artist and growing up in East Tennessee I naturally wanted to paint nature and wildlife scenes. I never tire of trying to capture the essence of what makes an animal come to life on canvas.”



Susan Cooper


“I lose track of time setting up shots and experimenting with angles, light and camera adjustments.  My goal is to reflect the world around us through all forms of nature photography.  While understanding the camera and software is essential, it takes more than the technology to reflect the elusive beauty seen by the mind and heart.”

Kathy Janke

Gracehill Fine Art & Basketry




Jim Joyce


Joyce always tries to have a camera with him wherever he goes.  His philosophy is that the “Kodak moment” is always there, it is just a question of realizing or identifying it.  Without the camera, it is often reminiscent of the fisherman’s story of the “one who got away.”


David Liles


"I seek to create imagery, with enhancements of color, tone and contrast to achieve images that often look more like paintings than photographs."


Betty Polk

BP International Marketing


“I work with high technology by “day”, and find art in wood carving, painting and photography to round out my life and provide enjoyment and relaxation.”

Barbara Rabek

Lat 2915 Fine Art Photography


“My vision is to focus on the details and extraordinary beauty of natural subjects.  Taking a piece of a day, a split second, or an opportunity, I try to capture the essence of that moment.  Each image has a story to tell.  Realistic impresssions are processed into a wide range of images—all sharing the theme of the abundance of nature.”

Sharon Webb

Webb Wildlife


“Photography allows me to step outside of the labor of creating a three dimensional piece to enjoy the simple freedom of seeing what is in front of me.”



Betty Polk

BP International Marketing


“I work with high technology by “day”, and find art in wood carving, painting and photography to round out my life and provide enjoyment and relaxation.”

Bill Shinn

Shinn Custom Carving


"The natural beauty of wood itself is an invitation for a craftsman to explore techniques and skills to take a common stick or gunstock and transform it into a work of art as an artistic heirloom."